MoSys Blazar Accelerator Engines Enable Performance Improvement in Key Areas, such as Quality of Audio and Video Streaming and Response Times for Voice Assistants

SAN JOSE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 29, 2021 / MoSys, Inc. (NASDAQ:MOSY) is focused on Accelerating Data Intelligence and provides both semiconductor and IP solutions that enable fast, intelligent data access for Cloud, networking, security, communications system and 5G systems. Today, MoSys announced that APS Networks® has chosen to include MoSys® silicon to increase performance and bring increased user connection quality, performance and functionality to its newly introduced Advanced Programmable Switches aimed at improving broadband customers' overall Internet experience.

APS Networks has designed in multiple third generation MoSys Blazar Accelerator Engines per system for its new switches based on the following:

  • Need to maximize subscriber counts
    • MoSys silicon is up to 8X capacity of QDR memories in a single chip
  • Need to increase per-subscriber performance
    • MoSys silicon includes innovative, in-memory accelerator engines, unavailable in legacy memories, that bring compute as close as possible to the stored data
    • Data can be read, modified, and rewritten without main processor intervention
  • Need to increase the overall subscriber experience
    • MoSys silicon enables active monitoring of tens of thousands of subscribers per system
  • Need to reduce cost and time to market
    • MoSys silicon is very easy to add - 40X less pins, simpler board layouts, reduced PCB layer counts to reduce design time and cost

"APS Networks solutions accelerated by MoSys Blazar Accelerator Engine silicon should greatly improve the broadband customer experience," said Daniel Lewis, MoSys CEO. "When paired with the latest Intel Stratix 10 FPGAs and Intel Tofino switches, MoSys's ICs will enable up to seven layers of Hierarchical Quality of Service (HQoS) functionality in APS's new, high-performance Broadband Network Gateway products."

"MoSys Accelerator Engines offer advanced capabilities that will help enable our APS Networks range of OpenBNG switches to accelerate our innovative access edge solutions. With our new switches, telcos can attain significantly higher subscriber counts per system," said Alexander Jeffries, Chief Executive Officer, APS Networks.

The APS Switches also provide an ideal platform to host the MoSys Stellar Packet Classification IP that has been optimized for use with Intel Stratix 10 FPGAs.

The Stellar Packet Classification IP targets:

  • Routing - supports Longest Prefix Match (LPM) IPv4/IPv6 routing, including support for P4 and virtual routes for Cloud Data Centers, 5G User Plane Functions (UPF), P4 based systems, Network Classification, Carrier-Grade NAT, Broadband Network Gateways (BNG), NFVi, Flow Steering, L3 Forwarding and Filtering, vRouter, Open vSwitch Offload, and Cloud Gateways.
  • Security, Load Balancing and Traffic Analysis - supports very complex, 10+ tuple Access Control List (ACL) type lookups for Network Firewalls, Allow/Deny Lists, P4-based systems, Network Detection and Response (NDR), Anomaly Detection, Lawful Intercept, Anti-DDoS, L4 Load Balancing, Application Delivery Controllers (ADC), Application and Network Analysis, Network Telemetry, Test and Measurement, Network Packet Brokers, and other markets and use cases.
    • Family Name: Blazar Bandwidth Engine® 3

MoSys Third Generation Accelerator Engine Specifications:

  • Transactions per second: 6.5 Billion
  • Bandwidth: 640 Gigabits per second
  • In-memory Compute: On board programmable Algorithmic Logic Units (ALUs)
  • Connectivity: Up to 16 x 25G serdes - uses patented serial connection to FPGA
  • On-board memory: 1Gb
  • Latency: tRC 2.7 nanoseconds

Find out more about the new family of APS products: Advanced Programmable Switches

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About MoSys, Inc.

MoSys, Inc. (NASDAQ:MOSY) is focused on Accelerating Data Intelligence and provides both semiconductor and IP solutions that enable fast, intelligent data access and decision making for a wide range of markets including cloud networking, security, 5G networks, SmartNIC, test and measurement, and video systems. MoSys's Quazar family of high-speed memories and the Blazar family of Accelerator Engines are memory integrated circuits with unmatched intelligence, performance and capacity that eliminate data access bottlenecks to deliver speed and intelligence in systems, including those scaling from 100G to multi-terabits per second. MoSys's Stellar family of Virtual Accelerator Engines includes its Packet Classification Platforms for LPM and ACL based applications embedded in Intel and Xilinx FPGAs. This IP accelerates applications and is portable across a wide range of hardware configurations with or without MoSys silicon chips. More information is available at: MoSys.

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