QDR Level Performance - Replaces up to 8X QDRs - Capacities of 576Mb or 1Gb in Single Device Costing Less Than $200 in Volume Quantities

SAN JOSE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 15, 2020 / MoSys, Inc. (NASDAQ:MOSY), is focused on Accelerating Data Intelligence and provides both semiconductor and IP solutions that enable fast, intelligent data access for Cloud, networking, security and communications systems, today launched a new line of memory solutions, the QUAZAR family of Low Cost, Ultra-High Speed SRAM memory devices optimized for FPGA-based systems.

MoSys QUAZAR devices achieve a cost point previously not attainable with memories at these speeds and capacity. Utilizing its 1T memory cell and high density and high-speed design of advanced memory architectures, the company is expanding its family of unique, multi-partitioned memories, which include Bandwidth Engine (BE2/3 and PHE) devices and, now, the new QUAZAR devices. In addition to the IC, MoSys offers an RTL memory controller that presents an SRAM-like interface to simplify the design effort.

Key product features:

  • Less than half the cost of a similar QDR memory configuration
  • 4 - 8X QDR Capacity - 567Mb and 1Gb memory options
  • Single device replaces multiple QDR parts
  • Multiple independent random-access SRAMs on each device
  • tRC of 3.2ns
  • QDR-like performance
  • Bandwidth up to 640Gb/sec with word width up to 576b
  • Only requires 32 pins to connect to FPGA - simplifies board signal routing
  • Direct connect to INTEL (Altera) and XILINX FPGAs
  • MoSys supplied FPGA RTL memory controller
  • Base product is LESS THAN $200 in volume

QUAZAR Devices:

  • QPR4 IC
    • DEEP MODE - 4 SRAMs of 2M x 72b
    • WIDE MODE - 8 SRAMS of 1M x72b
  • QPR8 IC
    • DEEP MODE - 4 SRAMs of 4M x 72b
    • WIDE MODE - 8 SRAMSs of 2M x72b

"Memory designs today are considered system-level elements and encompass far more than device-only decisions," noted Michael Miller, MoSys' chief technology officer. "MoSys is able to leverage its comprehensive system-level understanding of memory and data to offer system architects and designers an extremely low-cost solution that can replace 4 to 8 QDR-type memories with just 1 MoSys device."

MoSys's QPR memory technology features an architecture that allows for parallel accesses to multiple partitions of the memory simultaneously. Allowing access of up to 576 bits per read or write cycle. The high-performance interface, larger density and the multiple partitions work together to support multiple independent functional blocks within an FPGA with one QPR device. The MoSys MSQ220 and MSQ230 QPR devices are ideally suited for random-access applications. MoSys also offers an optional FPGA RTL memory controller to simplify the interface to its high capacity 567Mb or 1Gb devices.

The target applications are FPGA-based and include a broad range of markets including Test and Measurement, 5G networks, router, switching, security (Firewall, ACLs, DDoS, IPS and WAF), computational storage, database acceleration, Big Data, aerospace and defense, advanced video, high-performance computing, machine learning and AI, and other data-driven areas.

The QUAZAR QPR memories are among the highest performance and largest capacity of any SRAM class device on the market, starting at under $200 in volume.

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MoSys, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOSY) is focused on Accelerating Data Intelligence and provides both silicon chips and IP solutions that enable fast, intelligent data access and decision making for a wide range of markets including cloud networking, security, 5G networks, SmartNIC, test and measurement, and video systems. MoSys's QUAZAR family of high-speed memories and the BLAZAR family of Accelerator Engines are memory integrated circuits with unmatched intelligence, performance and capacity that eliminate data access bottlenecks to deliver speed and intelligence in systems, including those scaling from 100G to multi-terabits per second. MoSys's STELLAR family of Virtual Accelerator Engines includes software, FPGA RTL and RISC-based firmware that accelerate applications and are portable across a wide range of hardware configurations with or without MoSys silicon chips. More information is available at: www.mosys.com.

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